Welcome to “A Photogs Blog” a place where I hope to impart some meagre knowledge, perhaps some insight and the occasional opinion.

I am breaking into this territory as a way to reach out to the photographic community at large, I follow a lot of other photo blogs and felt that blogging would be a great way to stimulate creativity in myself and perhaps attain new levels in my craft  by way of the critical thought that goes into the creation of an additional outlet such as a blog.

This being my first attempt at blogging please excuse the clumsiness in my journalistic abilities. A teacher once told me I had great promise as a writer, but I think that was in grade 3. So with that kind of confidence I surge forward into the world of  unsolicited written thought, where you the lucky reader, can read up on things like photo techniques, post production, product reviews and hopefully many other photo related topics.

I’ll often be referring to some other far superior photographers and providing links to plenty of other on line resources as I believe that by sharing information openly and freely we raise the bar on everybody’s skill level. I just refuse to see  how that can be a bad thing.

Thanks for stopping by.



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