Whale Watching

Earlier this summer I was hired to do some promo shooting for Orca Spirit, a Victoria bc whale watching company.

I wasnt really too sure of what to expect, weather wise, subject wise or even what sort of lens I wanted to use. Obviously I would need a fairly long lens, but given the pitching seas, I didn’t want anything too cumbersome as I was sure I would get unsharp images due to camera shake on anything excessive.

So what I settled with was the 70 -300, and later an 80-400mm 3.5 -5.6 . Now I figured I could give up the shallow depth from a 2.8 lens as I wanted a little more depth of field  just to guarantee more sharp images. Turns out it was a fair gamble as the whales proved to be very deceptive as to where and when they would surface.  In retrospect I wish I had a better lens with  focus limiters as the ones I brought with me were searching a lot and I missed lots of great opportunities . Also perhaps something in the 600 mm range would have been fun to play with, but salt water and camera gear is scary enough without taking out a mortgage to finance the shoot.

Still a fairly cool experience, up close  (but never close enough) with the resident orca pods of Vancouver Island.



Full breeches were a rarity on the trips we took, but on one fateful voyage in late afternoon we had this very playful orca to entertain us.




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