Late october Okanagan Wedding

A little sample of the Jewell Weeding that took place on oct 23 at the pyramid winery just outside of Kelowna bc. Great wedding , fantastic reception with lots of fun interior bc folk.  Carly and Eric have a staggeringly promising future ahead of them.

More on technique toward the bottom of this post.


Given the surroundings I thought we’d give the classic american gothic a try.

And of course we must have some detail and pre ceremony pics



And here is a little sneak peek behind the scenes showing my lovely assistant /voice activated lightstand that made the light possible



Both Carly and Eric are fitness freaks, with triathalons as their particular focus so we had to show that side too.

One last one


For what its worth all images were taken with a nikon d700, using either a 24-70 2.8 or 70 -200 2.8,  The light was an sb900 fairly consistently around the 1/16 power mark at a distance to subject of 3 to 5 feet. Shutter speed was always changing to accomodate available light but  I tried to stay above 1/100 while outside to make our subjects stand out from the back ground.  Many people thought this was a fantastic locale for photgraphy but being a commercial production winery I found many challenges in just trying to find clean backgrounds without powercables , forklifts or used production equipment lying around. Large vats would have been great but were not really doing the job as lots of clutter seemed to be everywhere.

Wedding photography is never easy as its very performance based and you dont have a lot of time to plan, I like to have a scout the day before and come up with some ideas but those ideas often go right out the window on the day due to the million variables that come with a wedding.

Having a great couple to work with makes everything a lot easier but they are often under a serious time constraint  and weather always seems to want to ruin  you…. I still had a great time and look forward to shooting more weddings in the future.



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