Dining Room Portrait Studio

I have been pretty sad on the updates lately but I vow to change that, perhaps vow is too strong … how about I hope to change that. Yes that feels like a more attainable goal.

OK enough of that , lets get down to some photos and  how they were shot. I, like a lot of other photographers out there often have to shoot with no money, no studio , no assistants or any of the other lovely little bits that make a photogs life easier. It presents its own challenges and from these we learn, hell if we can deliver great results from  a meager starting point imagine what we can do with a full studio setup and support team.

A local vancouver Dj contacted me and was in need of some promo/bio pics and oh ya he is on a tight budget. I was only too happy to help out as it hopefully the promoters that hire him send other dj’s and the like my way when they see the results .

Now if this was for a large client with a tonne of cash,we could rent out a studio complete with lights and hire an assistant  and proceed to dazzle the world. Instead we convert my dining room into a mini studio, we decide on shooting against white and varying  the wardrobe and lighting to get what we can.

Below right is a shot of the general setup to give you an idea of how little you need to accomplish impressive results, now I wouldn’t try to use something this ghetto  for a high paying client as it would send them running for the door and you could probably see whatever value you built up in your brand plummet like the stocks of a certain oil company from across the pond.

But since we want to shoot, we shoot what and where we can. As you can see I have a sb 900 in a 42″shoot thru umbrella, a second sb600 on a stand behind the subject aimed at the white backdrop, both triggered by pocket wizards.

When we turned off the back light ,and bounced it off the wall to camera right we could change the bg from white to nice grey midtone which I think works well with the  vibrant colours of Dj Mambo’s Wardrobe.

This set up took about 5 mins to put together and once I sorted out my light power,( key light 1/16 bg light 1/4) we were banging off photos and having alot of fun. One good thing about shooting in this sort of environment is the distinct lack of stuffy formalities that can come with larger gigs.

I am fortunate enough to have a few c-stands and pocketwizards to help me along the way but as you can see the BG is not seamless white but rather a roll of leftover white fabric from a friends clothing line.

We make do with what we have and the satisfaction is huge.

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