High Noon Flame Out

I have  a unique character in my circle of friends , as I’m sure all of you do as well, but this guy , Corey Gauthier, has an incredible talent with an airbrush and has recently launched a new business called Millionaire Murals.  He  provides incredibly high grade custom paint-jobs for everything ranging from wake boards to  harley’s, vehicles and helicopters.

Corey recently had a commission to paint real fire on a convertible pt cruiser. Perhaps not the quintessential vehicle requiring a flamed out paintjob but he certainly knocked it out of the park anyway.

I have never shot  vehicles before so when Corey asked if I was interested I said, sure  lets see what I can do for you. Unfortunately time was of the essence as the car had to be delivered to the owner that evening, so my plan to shoot it in the early evening to twilight period was pushed aside and out we went to shoot in some harsh noon day type sun. Not exactly ideal but we all must learn to adapt as not every job is going to let you have the luxury of setting up lights and waiting for the ambient to come to a workable , complimentary level. So we tried out a few different locations around the shop and had some success as represented by these images.

I have to say the detail in the flames is incredible and the Geiger like rendering of a bmw x5 is also impressive. Next time I get the opportunity to shoot these kind of Paint jobs Im gonna insist on a different time of day so I can bring some drama to the overall scene . I cant wait for the next time as I anticipate a steady stream of incredible work to flow out of the Millionaire Murals shop.

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